Yogesh-R | March 7th, 2022
Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence



In India, if you're an engineer; then you should better know the various other subfields related to your stream. But nowadays, the interests of young minds aren't just limited to their streams. They are trying their best to learn the in-trend technology without being stream-specific. That's why people are busy cultivating their thoughts and searching out of the box ideas to expand their hands wide. 

I will talk about a topic which is highly in-trend & offering a remarkable rise in the package with the exponential increase in the generation of data.

Ankala V. Subbarao said once ~

“Processed data is information. Processed information is knowledge, Processed knowledge is Wisdom.”

In India, a normal fresher with a master's degree in data science or data analytics or any such field holds a salary package of approximately 4-10 LPA, while a candidate with experience of 3-4 years earns about 10-20 LPA. But the whole scenario just lies here where the difference in the salary of a person varies on its level of expertise in data science & big data.

We know that the data are like deep, wide & long oceans but we need someone to decipher it   & unravel the hidden treasures. All the businesses in the world need data insights, as well as they need professionals who can unlock the secrets of big data.

We profoundly generate approximately 2.5 Qn Bytes data daily and mind you!! This figure is increasing rapidly with the passing time. All thanks to IoT and other related technologies. Interlinking of the devices with multiple internet connections surely increases conveniences and comfort but at the cost of data. So apart from your social media, browsers, Siri & Alexa; all are the big source of data- BIG DATA.

India is a leading country in filling the gap in analytical skills which helped it to become an emerging country in Big Data significantly. India is expected to churn out professionals with deep analytical & statistical skills in the coming years. As per the report by Nasscom Crisis, India stands 2nd just after the US in Big Data talent availability and initiative to bring out talents. 

Be it a wave of digitalization or any other industrialization, India has always stood up to the terms & we are just a point away from the US. Here where the big data has come into action. Be it marketing or finance, banking or healthcare, or defence; big data is spreading its roots everywhere. Thus, it will not be wrong to say that Big Data is ready to conquer the latest digitalization soon.

And as Andrew McAfee said 

“The world is one big data problem.”

India is slowly becoming one of the leading countries in Big Data, thus we must be ready to see a big revolution in the coming years where the Data will just not be limited to any browser or social media, but it will be omnipresent in small units.