Yogesh-R | March 16th, 2022
Cloud Computing

What, why and how?

Cloud computing has in the past few years, shifted the way the digital world works.

With more and more industries, institutions and researchers moving to cloud for a faster computation and larger storage over remote servers without the havoc of investing into hardware infrastructure. In simple words, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services including servers, storage, computing, intelligence, analytics and much more over the internet. This not only enables companies to have better resources at hand without the overhead, but also scales the cost so as to cover only the resources that are actually used by the organization.

Cloud computing is an extremely beneficial resource in today’s age and a highly valued skill for aspiring technology professionals. As cloud computing helps reduce costs, provides faster results and increases productivity and performance; all the while ensuring a secure connection, platforms like Microsoft Azure add an additional star on your resume.

Cloud computing is a highly valuable skill in today’s world shifting towards huge amounts of data which requires both computation and storage. This technology has paved a way for newer and faster approaches to solving traditional problems.