Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

Artificial intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to

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    Program Overview

    Artificial intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to natural intelligence displayed by animals including humans.


    All the modules on the course align directly to the skills that learners require to start their journey in the AI development sector . From building skills in Python programming , to the fundamental techniques of computer programming , core machine learning , deep learning and data science knowledge that many AI applications demand, this course exposes you to the most in-demand topics within AI.

    What will you Learn

    • Basics of Python
    • Hands on Artificial Intelligence

    Course Content

    1. Introduction
    2. Python
    3. Data & DBMS in Python
    4. Numpy
    5. Pandas
    6. Data Visualization
    7. Machine Learning – Regression & Classification
    8. Natural Language Processing
    9. Machine Learning – Naïve Bayes
    10. Deployment of ML Models
    11. Data Visualization – Seaborn & Ploty
    12. Unsupervised Machine Learning
    13. Deep Learning – Speech Recognition
    14. Artificial Neural Network
    15. ANN – TensorFlow & Keras
    16. Advanced Natural Language Processing
    17. Recurrent Neural Network
    18. Image Processing – OpenCV
    19. Convolutional Neural Network
    20. Computer Vision
    21. Deep Neural Network Deployment
    22. Reinforcement Learning
    23. Transfer Learning
    24. Automatic Learning
    25. Semi-Supervised Learning

    Course Offerings

    1. Recorded Lectures
    2. 8 weeks of Learning
    3. 3 Assesments
    4. 2 Assignments
    5. 2 Hands-on Projects
    6. Community Support
    7. Get Certified
    Programme Fee:
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can apply?

    Anyone, regardless of their field of study, can apply. We do, however, expect you to have a strong interest in the domain and determination throughout the learning period.

    What are the prerequisites?

    This course does not require any prior knowledge, but we do require a passionate mind that is eager to learn and experience new things with us.

    What is the mode of content delivery?

    The course will be delivered completely in online mode along with recorded lectures on our platform.

    Will I receive a certificate?

    Yes, a certificate will be issued upon completion of the program.

    Career Opportunities

    1. AI Engineer
    2. AI Researcher
    3. Data Scientist
    4. Data Analyst
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