Yogesh-R | March 16th, 2022
Data Science

The revolution is here

As we speak, the mountains of data are increasing exponentially and the normal mathematician is somehow now the sophisticated data scientist. So what is it that made the transition from 1s and 0s to this unbelievably smart world of AI powered by heaps of data generated by smart phones, internet, every click and every scroll, every second. Data has been around for as long as we can remember, from our personal computers to mobile devices to now our watches and televisions even, every digital device is generating, recording and transferring every day. We generate much more data than we consume and all this data is extremely useful in so many industries. Data is helpful in making predictions, assumptions and understanding patterns in industries like technology, finance, medicine and biology. It has socio-economic benefits to the society by ensuring better services and products through customer data. It can help in governance and management through smart neural network powered solutions to common problems. It can be said beyond doubt that data is indeed revolutionalizing the way we live and is here to stay and grow for long. In this data powered environment, the industry requires analytical individuals who can process and manipulate data to reveal important patterns and predictions. The demand for data analysts and scientist has increased drastically over the last half a decade and industry patters, thanks to our reliable data tells us that it will increase more with the coming increase in technology. A career in data can be your path to success in this AI powered world. In today’s time data is what is empowering our technology and a data science internship or training can put you in the path to becoming an excellent data scientist. So buckle up, and brush up your resume, get it updated with some data science skills and experience and train in the important skill of data with Learn and Build Networks. Start your career in data and take the first step today!