Yogesh-R | March 16th, 2022
How to build your resume

A guide to building good resume

Are you too an engineering grad constantly confused about how to build your resume?

Are you too always scrolling through summer internships and online courses and get nowhere?

Well, your worries are now over with the Learn and Build Networks Summer Specialization Programs. Built specially for you to improve your resume through an upgrade in your skills, projects and certifications. Our Summer Specialization program offered in four up and coming verticals – Data Science, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and Python is your one stop solution to all placement woes. This specialization program is offered by industrial trainers and follows a practical learning approach. It has proved to be path to success to numerous students and not only increases technical skills but offers an in-depth knowledge necessary to ace any interview. This program is divided into well planned parts, all focusing on the most in-demand technologies according to the most recent industry trends. This combined with live projects in groups of like minded peers not only offers an innovative and interactive work experience for your resume but teaches soft skills like team work and project presentation. Our belief lies in implementation rather than theoretical knowledge.

At Learn and Build Networks, we pay attention to each of our students offering constant evaluations and a constructive competition. The learning environment is always open to suggestions and discussions are encouraged. We believe in interactive learning and our day long classes consist of practical practice more than theoretical approaches. we also believe in assisting our students throughout their careers by offering professional support in attaining certifications, project presentations and much more. Each certification attained adds an immeasurable value to the resume. With top companies looking for skill rather than marks, such certifications, projects and practice can be your way to your dream job.

Learn and Build has successfully stood out as a one of its kind institutions in Jaipur offering students a plethora of opportunities. We believe in the power of technical education and constantly work towards providing better facilities, resources and opportunities to our students. Our summer specialization program complete with live projects and certifications is the perfect way to build your resume and upgrade your skill set in one summer.