Yogesh-R | March 16th, 2022
How to prep for a career in data science?

A complete guide to getting your data science career started!

Are you too looking for a career in the most up and coming field of data science? Do you have
what it takes to bag that interview? Well, sit back and relax because we are here to help you get
through to your dream job. The sophisticated field of emerging data includes many steps to reach
in, from data analysis to neural networks, data science happens to be an epitome of math,
algorithms and statistics combined together.
So what does it take to make your place in the field? To start an evergreen career in data science,
you need to start with maths, maths plays a role from the very beginning in data analysis to the
scary neural networks. After you are thorough with your numbers, go on to analysis, this will
require out of the box thinking and a visually analytical mindset. A career in sole analytics is a
great start to a career in a deeper data science discipline.
Now if you are a code junkie, machine learning is going to be your playground. Start off with R
and python for analytics and move towards learning the frequently used python libraries such as
sklearn, numpy and pandas. With proper guidance machine learning can be a cake walk, and with
interactive projects to amp up your skills, you will be unstoppable. Once you are through with
projects on libraries such as sklearn, you can step up your game with tensorflow, pytorch and keras,
learn through interesting projects and find solutions through data.
With proper training, experienced mentors and interactive projects you will have a data science job
in no time. So, get your hands on the best available resources and start off your career with the
most in demand field today!