Yogesh-R | March 16th, 2022
Is a career in cyber security worth it?

Cybersecurity as a Career choice


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There are a number of reasons why a career in cyber security is worth investment and holds a great exposure. 

The cyber threats are urgent & must be corrected immediately. The big companies & industries with wide servers & broadbands often come across wrong trafficking from various sites and cookies servers. The journey of cyber security doesn't start here. We must know that cyber is everywhere & thus, the security is followed by the name itself. We might drift ourselves from the fact that we only need security during the time of threats; but that's not the fact definitely.

It's like planning a protection & necessary safeguarding rules before implementing anything. Cyber security doesn't come after any threat; it's always ahead and with the cyber world at all means.

But the bottom line here doesn't end here.

To meet the demands of industries & to keep a check on the security of the sites, there aren't any enough professionally acclaimed people available. Though the scope of cyber security is increasing drastically; yet the crisis of experts is still a topic of worry.

Cyber Security agents & professionals are at a high demand. Both the government & the non-government firms are hiring the professionals at a higher rate. 

Job searches in various sectors, industries & companies are as follows:

  • S. Department of the Army (1,394)
  • Deloitte (1,177)
  • Accenture (410)
  • PayPal (318)
  • Leidos (299)
  • CACI (294)
  • General Dynamics Information Technology (272)
  • ManTech International Corporation (267)
  • Booz Allen Hamilton (231)
  • Amazon.com Services LLC (181)

Be it retails, healthcare, housing, finance, government or manufacturing, no sector is untouched by the threat of cyber-attacks. There are many programs and degrees that will give you a wholesome job as a cyber expert; but a master's degree in cyber security will earn you more than anything else. But, this is not just a necessity, sometimes the experience matters more than the degree but one must be aware of the various graduate programs under cyber security education. 

Here are some of the statistics of various links from the companies offering salary to their cyber security professionals:

  • $82,565 is the average salary for an entry level Cyber Security Analyst [Ziprecruiter.com].
  • $96,478 is the median salary for a Cybersecurity Engineer [Payscale.com].
  • $96,152 is the median salary for an IT Security Specialist [Indeed.com].
  • $94,716 is the average annual salary for cybersecurity jobs across the U.S. [Ziprecruiter.com].

“Most American students are ignoring an entry-level job with an $80,000 salary”

Recently, with the statistics from the LinkedIn achieved, let's understand the pedagogy for the cyber security job role openings:

  • Internship: 560
  • Entry level: 21,808
  • Associate: 19,412
  • Mid-senior level: 6,552
  • Director: 1,235
  • Executive: 331

By now, you must have understood that all the industries need some or the other cyber security backups & here only the doors of the various job roles open. With the right guidance & proper implementations of the knowledge; one can surely become an expert in cyber education and set up a great career under the domain.