Fees: ₹99.00

▪️03 Hours of Live Training

▪️Industry-based Projects

▪️Date : 18th June 2022

▪️By Rishu Dwivedi (Data Scientist IIT Madras)


  • -What is Data Science?
  • -How is it used?
  • -Key tools and processes used by Data Scientist.
  • -How to get started in Data Science.
  • -Demonstration of a Data Science Problem

**Demonstration will include building an end to end project on a pre selected problem statement



  • -Learn what data scientists do and the types of problems they solve.
  • -Walk through the typical data science workflow and see how the pros identify powerful business predictions.
  • -Explore key tools and processes data scientists use to analyze, visualize, and model data.
  • -Apply what you’ve learned to a data set to solve a real world problem