Yogesh-R | March 16th, 2022
Machine learning

What, why, how?

Everything you need to know about the most up and coming information
technology field.
In a world overflowing with data, how do you make the best of it? The answer is as elegant as is
simple, Machine Learning. Hiding within the numbers and the 1s and 0s is information that can easily
change the course of any business, from medicine to finance to governance to science; our data
gives us answers we have long been struggling to find elsewhere.
So, what is Data Science and where does all this Data come from? Well, the answer is in your hands,
we are generating data with every scroll and every click. From our daily searches to our online
transactions, everything is contributed to a huge ever increasing pile of numbers. Data Science is our
answer to using this data to the best of our benefits, it happens to be a multi-disciplinary field with
machine learning right at the dominant centre.
Machine Learning as the sophisticated name suggests, enables us to teach our machines a way of
interpreting data and finding insights, predicting trends and generating inferences from the bulk of
data we have accumulating every data. And with more and more data being generated by the
second, it’s only natural for this field to dominate the IT sector, with companies leaning towards to
data based answers for their business problems to researchers crunching numbers for better pattern
detection, machine learning is enabling us to achieve high levels of accuracy in decision making by
trusting on reliable data. Machine learning is the future, with structured algorithms depicting the
human brain, bulks of digital data and ever rising need of automation, this field might just change
the course of action in the IT industry.