Data Structures & Algorithms

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It’s time to join hands with the “Atom” of computer science.

Data structures and algorithms are key components of computer science and help in understanding the nature of a given problem at a deeper level. They are typically used to organize, process, retrieve, and store data on computers for efficient use. Having the right understanding and using the right data structures helps with writing the right code. They’re widely utilized in artificial intelligence, operating systems, graphics, and other fields. That’s precisely the reason why tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and most product-based companies focus on measuring a candidate’s knowledge of algorithms and data structures in their interviews for technical roles. We will start with a fundamental comprehension of all the components in this course, then go on to a more in-depth understanding of the concepts, which will make solving real-world complex problems easier for you. If you have landed here, now is probably the right time to begin learning, and boost your skillset with us.