LnB Training Certificate Form

Steps to follow

Dear Learners,

Thank you for interning with Learn and Build!

We hope you enjoyed the journey of learning technologies and building projects.

In order to get a certificate, we request you to kindly follow the given steps:


Step 1: Review us on Google and share us a screenshot of the same.
🔗For laptop
🔗For mobile

Step 2: Make a review video covering the following points:


1. Please record it in high quality with a plain background
2. Please begin by introducing yourself
3. Use the company name Learn and Build
4. Tell us about your experience working with us
5. Finally, if you enjoy working with us, please refer us


Step 3: Update your LinkedIn Profile as a “Learn and Build Intern”

Step 4: Write a 500 word blog on the technology learnt while internship

Step 5: Kindly attach screenshots/video of all the above given steps in this Google Form:

We wish you best of luck for your future endeavors!