Yogesh-R | March 16th, 2022
Summer Training – the head-start to your career

A complete guide on how to make the best out of semester breaks!

It’s that time of the year again, the days are longer and the techies are brighter!

And if you aren’t sure what to do with your long free semester breaks this year, we have got you covered.

Summer trainings can define, shape and change how your career sets out to be. These day long exposures to pure practical knowledge differ from institute curriculum on many levels, the most important being skill sets. Where institute curriculum focuses on fundamental theoretical knowledge, summer training will teach you actual implementation.

With extensively covered trainings on in-demand topics such as Data Science, Cloud and Automation, you can get a peek into what the industry demands and how to leverage your skills to the best of your potential. With giants such as Google, Facebook and Netflix stating their primary field of focus as Machine Learning, a well planned semester break might just end up landing you your dream job.

Trainings in Machine Learning and Data Science not only provide an in-depth knowledge of the domain but a platform to connect with similar peers and talented experts. Apart from the skill set and knowledge, the ever growing field of computer science demands you to showcase your talent; and what better way than to do so as a project. Summer Trainings are a common platform for like minded students to connect and come together to build, invent and create interesting projects.

Under the guidance of a thorough mentor, Machine Learning projects can turn out to be changing points in businesses. Whether your interest lies in entertainment or finance, music or food, data is everywhere! Interactive projects that combine Machine Learning with different disciplines can make you stand out from your peers. Summer Training can be the changing point on the curve of your career, as the industry is focusing towards skills more than theoretical knowledge it’s almost mandatory to stay updated with the in demand technologies. Summer trainings not only provide a constructive environment to learn in your free time but an open panel for discussions, projects and interactions that will help you throughout your career.