Yogesh-R | March 16th, 2022
The Data Impact

The technology that’s taken the world by a storm

Data has been the front and center of almost all utility based applications we see every day. From booking a cab to ordering in food to using maps we have been surrounded with AI and Machine Learning, in this scenario it’s only natural for an increase in Data Science jobs. With the market for data science increasing by the day, a summer internship or experience in Data Science can lead you to the very top of this sophisticated industry.

Here’s why the data science industry is booming like no other. Data Science combines the two most desirable features in any service – analytics and intelligence. Data science based applications make use of heaps of data to not only analyze important factors but make intelligent decisions based on those factors. These well laid out algorithms extract important features often missed by even experts and offer amazing accuracy with constant learning and relearning and training on huge amounts of data. “Learn from your mistakes” as we often say, is implemented in Deep Learning algorithms quite neatly. The algorithm learns from its inaccurate predictions and losses and betters itself by learning from mistakes over and over again. Sounds desirable, right? The data science industry combines the features of these intelligent networks with top notch analytics to attain the maximum possible accuracy any machine can offer in terms of numerous predictions. So, why are these ‘predictions’ so desirable to us? Well, the answer is simple! To offer quick solutions without a human aid. These predictions can be used in a range of problems from movie and video recommendations to disease diagnosis to ordering food to booking tickets and the list goes on and on. The most relevant example of data science we see everyday is Google. Google uses data science in each of its various verticals from improved searches to navigation to recommendations. Apart from these companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime use data science for collaborative filtering and recommendation, Airbnb uses Data Science for Image classification and captioning, Uber uses Data Science to connect you to your closest cab and calculate the fare and so on and so forth. With such an increase in the data science market, the industry offers a wide array of options in terms of jobs, research and even academia. So get started on your data science career today with a well planned summer internship in data science. This can get you ahead in your data journey through live projects, constant evaluations and certifications. Get your data career started today.