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  1. Data Science

    The revolution is here

  2. How to build your resume

    A guide to building good resume

  3. Semester Breaks

    How to utilize them?

  4. The Data Impact

    The technology that’s taken the world by a storm

  5. Tensorflow vs PyTorch

    The never ending confusion

  6. Cloud Computing

    What, why and how?

  7. Boost your career with Summer Internship program at Learn and Build

    An extensive guide on how Learn and Build can help you get an edge ahead in your career.

  8. Summer Internship for Computer Science Students

    How a summer internship can turn out to be the turning point of your career?

  9. Summer Training – the head-start to your career

    A complete guide on how to make the best out of semester breaks!

  10. How to prep for a career in data science?

    A complete guide to getting your data science career started!

  11. Machine learning

    What, why, how?

  12. NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING: Booming field of Artificial Intelligence

    NLP & Human-machine Interaction

  13. Is a career in cyber security worth it?

    Cybersecurity as a Career choice

  14. The New –age skill set for Year 2022.

    Most In-demand jobs

  15. Difference between Hadoop 1 & Hadoop 2

    Machine Learning

  16. Data Analytics

    Artificial Intelligence

  17. How to set-up a Private Docker Registry?

    Robotics Workshop

  18. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Advancement to Humanity

    Artificial Intelligence

  19. The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: Build Real Projects!

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